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Basics of Creating your own spells.

Time and time again I get ask the same question, “WhiteRaven can you do a spell for me?

I am so very happy and honored to help and make a difference in people's lives thought the process of magick. It is my sole purpose to demonstrate with this page and my YOUTUBE channel how very simple it is to make your own spells.

Here are 5 basics guidelines to follow when creating your magick:

  1. Have your intent: You must be precise about the purpose of your spell, do you want money, prosperity, love, a new job, health...? You must be specific. A spell is engineer to call upon the energies that pertain to the solution of your petition. The clearer the better.

  2. Determine your ingredients: Spells should be made to your likeness, you should relate to it. With this I mean you should decide what works better for you. Do you like candle working, baths, powders, mojo bags, crystals, sympathetic magick...? What are the elements that rightfully correspond to your request? From herbs, oils, colors, etc... The spell should feel natural to you and should be done with ingredients that feel familiar to you.

  3. The right way/time to perform: It is up to you how elaborated you want your spell. Do you want to work with a specific Deity, Moon face, Quarters, Elementals, Spirits, Days, Planetary Hours etc...? Remember these are all additions to your magickal work, the better and more comfortable you feel with it the better, if on the other hand it feels too heavy and “worked” adjust it to your comfort.

  4. Write your chants: This is my favorite part! Your chant is like your prayer, this is the moment in which you raise the energy that will drive the spell. Your chants can be from whispers to screams! From songs to commands with little room for confusion. This chants must come from your center, from the very root of your intention and they must be in unison. I love to translate my chants to latin and some other times I love to use favorite quotes and even Bible verses.

  5. Performance: This is when everything comes together, you have build this spell from scratch, you have infuse it from beginning to end with your intentions. It has been crafted solely based in what you want. Now is time to send it into the Universe!

Remember, Witchcraft and spell making is an art and it takes a lifetime of research and learning from our mistakes. Ultimately your INTENTIONS are the bottom line. And remember, enjoy your abilities and don't get lost in the process!

Stay Wicked;



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Martyna ARIES
Martyna ARIES
20 abr 2023

Dear WhiteRaven, How can I stop my overactive mind of thinking about the spell ?? And how can I make sure that nobody in my family gets hurt ? I try all the time... but for some reason I dont have the power ????? Thank you , Martyna

Me gusta
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