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Cemetery Dirt

Just because I am 100% true to you, couple of weeks ago I went the local cemetery to get some dirt for my next video. Other than the video I had no need for this dirt. Still I grab dirt from two burial sites. I brought it home, sage it and storage it.

That night I had the worst night in a long time! No sleep, sick in my stomach, lots of sweating.

I knew immediately I shouldn't have bring that dirt home. I try to brush it off.

The following night, I had a dream about been in a wake and seeing this body come to life from her casket and she was mad at me! Again upon awakening I knew I had to take back this dirt to the cemetery.

Still been stubborn as I am, I disregard it.

By Sunday night, a whole week after I took this dirt, I yet had another dream of a corpse coming back to life from his casket and this time he was chasing me because he was so mad. That was it!

Got out of bed and without hesitation I knew exactly what to do. Grab the dirt, took pennies, bought plants and jelly beans and went straight to the Cemetery.

Upon arrival I was overcome with emotions and I started crying :’( I appologygse and gave my offerings.

Dreams and feelings are gone. I am ashamed of my irresponsibility, specially because I know better. Lesson learned.

And what can I tell you from this?

Make sure you have a plan for your spirit before taking their dirt, make sure you know who they were in life and mostly honor them!

And by the way Cemetery dirt is a very serious magickal substance, DO NOT use it for mundane shit!

With love,



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Miembro desconocido
13 may 2020

White Raven what a terrible experience. Perhaps, gathering cemetery dirt from the outskirts of a cemetery would be safer. Taking dirt directly from a grave site is not adviseable. I have purchased graveyard duet from a reputable metaphysical site. It can be made with several ingredients, just like incense. Mine had patcholi in the mix among other ingredients. Thanks for sharing.

Me gusta
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