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Magickal dirts

For many years people has collected different types of dirts to add on into their magickal practices.

Many of us already use the element of earth to cleanse and charge our tools, crystals, waters,

We also use the element of earth to bury our spells, because Earth is Womb and Tomb, earth transform from decomposing to birthing raw material. Earth is constantly recycling. Earth has the ability of attract, earths has gravity and is based in the idea of this attraction that we used different dirts to empower our magickal workings.

I will share with you today commonly used dirts in witchcraft.

  1. Banks- money drawing, prosperity and anything that has to do with attracting money.

  2. Jail - to get someone incarcerated, to bring someone into justice

  3. Police Station - for protection, to bring someone into the eye of the law

  4. Hospitals -healing

  5. Church - Blessings

  6. Court House - Justice and legal problems

  7. Train Stations - To move away, banish or in the opposite, to call people to you.

  8. Cross road - to connect with the liminal, to open or close doors

  9. Post office- communication, take messages across

  10. Casinos- good luck

  11. Demolition places- destruction, ending, finishing

  12. New construction places- now beginnings, foundation, grounding

  13. School, college, universities, libraries- learning and teaching , teaching lessons

These are some of my personal favorite dirts

  1. Sand- Healing and cleansing, transformation, The Crone

  2. Flower garden- love, beauty and harmony

  3. Fruits and veggie gardens and fields- Growing, to multiply

  4. Sacred grounds:


*Civil War grounds

Connecting with spirits, guidance, strength

Dirts infused with insects and animals

  1. Ant hill dirt- banishing, fight

  2. Termite dirt- to tear down (enemy, problems, bad situations)

  3. Dirt daube nest- domination, enemy work, power over someone

Witch, I want you to understand that right now at this moment you have around you elements to make your magick.

Do this exercise. 

Go outside and take a stroll around your area. See how many dirts you can find around you.

How can you implement them into your magick?

And share with me! What other dirts you use in your magickal workings?

I would love to know <3


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Aleka Craft
Aleka Craft
Jul 19, 2022

rubbish dump dirt is the one I prefer when it comes to confuse and banish a bad co-worker who steels my ideas


Aug 22, 2021

I buy just about of all your oils and use them — thank you so much — Patti


Jul 24, 2021

Graveyard dirt ,old church dirt and crossroad dirt from the same cemetery..yep...

Saludos White Raven......loved the products i purchased from the shop.....happy with the buy. love your packing style,,your amazing!

Jul 25, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much for your support ❤️@

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