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The Witch at the Forrest Edge by Christine Grace

Book review by WhiteRaven

If I could describe this book with a tarot card this book would be the Ace of Wands.

Within, this books contains the spark of inspiration for you to dig deeper into witchcraft .

This book was release November 10th 2021 under Weiser books. Which as a matter of fact is one of my favorite publishers.

It has 203 pages and is about 5 hours 40 minutes in Audible.

Before I get into the book let's take a moment to talk about her author, Christine Grace.

I am following her in instagram and she has a beautiful account, very outdoor nature based.

Christine is the founder of Forest’s Edge Tradition of Witchcraft, she also has a podcast Betwixt and Between and also she has a degree in theology and mental health.

This book is divided in 13 chapters and I see these chapter as workshops, this book is like 13 steps that you will progressively follow to improve and go deeper int the craft with a broader understanding of all the aspects that compose our lives as witches. Is a simple book and is very friendly to read.

Im going to start by giving you a brief on the basics of each chapter.

Then I will tell what I like the most about the book and thing that I found not so agreeable with me.

Chapter One:

World view and spirituality

In this chapter the author speaks of the way modern witch finds magick in the mundane world.

The beauty of enchantment, that makes us see the magic around us which in turn make us connect with these wonderful words that makes us liminal. Us Witches we are creatures that dwell in different realms.

Chapter Two:

Communing with spirits

One of my favorite chapters, will give you an introduction on working with spirits,

understanding the nature of spirits. How to build relationships and techniques to establish communication.How to avoid some trouble! Imp.

Chapter three:

Spiritual Ancestry

Another ten out of ten chapter

“Your roots Witches, are deep and wide”

This chapter was ssssoooooo goooddd!!!!

Blood ancestors, what if you are adopted? Good ancestors, bad ancestors? Cultural ancestors, ancestors of spirit, prehistoric ancestors!

I really loved this chapter!

Chapter four:


What is intuition, how does this relates with our loves as witches and how this empowers your witchcraft.

Chapter Five:

Cultivating Spirit senses

Wow! Another great chapter!

What we perceive with our mundane eyes can be something totally different as if we see it with our witch eyes. After all witches senses should be more than our human senses

This chapter is about the importance of developing your witch senses.

About projections, visualizations.

Chapter Six:

Creating ritual

Why rituals, should you? The author will give you a basic ritual outline.

Create your own ritual even if you are solitary.

You will touch on the different types of tools for rituals.

Chapter Seven:


Wicked chapter, what is hedgeriding ( ok Im going to tell you, is spirit flight ) and why should you do it.

What is Axis Mundi (first time I see this term in a witchcraft book) and how it relates with Hedgeriding.

Guided meditation

Techniches and methods to facilitate your spirit travels.


Chapter Eight:


Another favorite!

Systems of divination

Uses of divination, when and why to use divination.





Use or not gods.

Ancestry and culture

In this chapter she speaks about ritual possession and what ritual possession is.

Chapter 10:

Green and local Craft

Connectedness with nature and the acknowledgement that everything in nature is alive and it has its own signature and character.

We work with nature.

Herbs, plants, roots etc they are our partners in magic knot a thing that we use.

In this chapter we learn how to work with nature and all the many voices.

Lunar cycles


Reciprocity, you take and you give

Chapter 11:

The practical of magical Theory

Why are we consider outsiders?

Three concepts or models and how they relate to magic

1.Is all in your head

2. Energy- spiritual energy

3.Spirit alliances

Chapter 12:


Yup another favorite!

All about spell crafting :)

Chapter 13:

Magical Ethics


Ok so here is my personal take.

Things I like about this book.

  1. Is simple written and go straight to the point

  2. Is not written in first person even though she is giving you her perspective on magick

  3. Is formatted logically and coherent. You go from A to Z in a very logical way

  4. I absolutely love that is not religious. This book is made for any type of witch religious or not.

  5. I love the animism flavor of it.

  6. I love and highly encourage the activities at the end of each book

  7. I love the vast list of resources she share with the reader.

Things I did not like about this book, (maybe Im just been a princess, because, really this book is great)

  1. Axis Mundi it felt like out of of place for this book, I would not have title a segment of this book with this term. For a second the book did not feel witchcraft.

  2. Ritual possession this is a very advance topic for this book.

Do I recommend this book?

Absolutely yes!!!

On her words,


Lest us maximize our lives!


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Raven Moon Child
Raven Moon Child
Nov 17, 2021

Bella! I can't wait 2 order this book!


Nov 17, 2021

Ritual possession... as in The Queen of Hell intakes ?.... Totally an advance topic....deep waters in ritualistic practice..... By the way is Hekate's Night....Mother of Witchcraft.

Blessed be all witches!!!!!!!💜💜💜

Raven Moon Child
Raven Moon Child
Nov 17, 2021
Replying to

Blessed be my Dear witch!

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