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Tooth Magick

Even before I practiced witchcraft, I had some kind of respect and reverence toward teeth. They irked me. To me, they were equivalent to pain and death.

Now as a Witch, I have been obsessing a bit with the use of teeth in magick. Through time we have seen the use of teeth in “collares” (necklaces), charms and talismans, and personal décor. So what do they represent?

Teeth are alive! They are just like another organ of your body, and they contain our DNA, our most true essence. So how do we apply teeth to magick?

Just as human bones, teeth must be treated with reverence and respect. They are directly and strongly linked to the human they belong to. Dead or alive. So, needless to say, your magick will depend on whose teeth you are using. Still, I will just save this magick for very dire situations.

Here are some of the use I found:

  • Health magick: Pendle witches used to add the use of teeth in healing magick. They believed teeth contained traces of the life force of the dead person they belonged to. They also believed teeth gave access to the healing powers of ancestral spirits.

  • Amulets: Against disease, to carry the life force of an enemy, to protect against evil, for good luck.

  • Witch Bottles, Protection: To add the teeth of the person to the Witch’s bottle is made for.

  • Necromancy, attracts spirits: Since teeth are a direct link to the dead.

  • Toothache and easing teething: The use of milk teeth.

  • To cause toothache and pain: Sympathetic magick.

  • Hexes, curses, jinxes, banishing and binding: Since they have such a direct and strong link with the person.

  • Courage of speech and communication spells: Sympathetic magick.

  • To stop gossip: Sympathetic magick.

  • To bite your enemy, chew him: Molars. Sympathetic magick.

  • To take something by force: Incisors, canines, and premolars. Sympathetic magick.

As with everything in magick, we can apply many uses to our ingredients or elements. I'm pretty sure there are a thousand more uses for teeth in magical practice. It is up to the Witch to decide. The most important part is to really know the mystical and magickal properties of our spell works elements and ingredients so we can apply them successfully.

The Ethical Part, I leave it up to you :)

With Love,



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