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Working with Moon Faces

When it comes to spell casting, the Moon faces is something that many Witches take into consideration.

Here are some of the correspondences of every face of the Moon;

Full Moon-Fulfillment

Abundance, action, to awaken and activate, beauty and creativity, business and prosperity, healing, inspiration, love, relationships and romance, illumination, fertility and pregnancy, childbirth, sex, money and wealth, psychic abilities, strength, wisdom, wishes.

Me personally:

Contrary to most people, I do not see the full Moon as such great energy, I consider it chaotic, crazy and unstable.

Ask any nurse, firefighter, cops and the werewolf .

Waxing Moon-Beginnings (Moon is growing)

Abundance, attraction, business, courage and creativity, divination, friendship, growth, knowledge, love and luck, money, psychic abilities, wisdom.

Me Personally:

I love this face for prosperity and abundance magic, money and business. For visualization, and sending requests into the Universe. Beginning of relationships and employment. This is when I do all my positive spells, oils, powders, salts, etc...

Waning-Endings (Moon is getting smaller)

Banishing, bind, darkness, death, ending, withering, Crone Magick and wisdom,obstacles, the underworld, prophecy, reversals ans secrets.

Me personally:

I use this face for bindings, banishing, crossing, manipulation magic, jinxes and hexes,

New Moon/Dark Moon-Death and Rebirth (no Moon)

Beginnings, darkness, destruction, divination, mirror scrying, working with Hecate and the Morrigan, black magic, psychic abilities, shadow work, rebirth and renewal, wisdom.

Me personally:

My favorite face, all about death and annihilating. Finishing, banishing, curses, justice magic, crossroad magic.

Here is a video I did some years ago, if you want more information.


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