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Fertility Oil

A beautifully formulated recipe, with avocado oil and other precious essential oils.

This oil is created and charged to assist you with getting pregnant and conceiving.

Anoint two eggs with this oil and place them under the bed prior to having sex.

Anoint a female candle with this oil, write your name on it, your birthdate, and your petition. Light the candle on the full moon. Place all the remnants of the candle in a red flannel bag, add three drops of Fertility oil and keep it between your mattress or under your bed. 

Add this oil to your bath prior to having sex.

Mix your menstrual blood with Fertility Oil, anoint a small terracotta pot with it.  Write your petition on brown paper and place it inside the terracotta pot. Bury the terracotta pot under a strong tree. Make sure to leave an offering, like milk and honey for the tree.

You can rub your belly with this oil. Please test prior for any allergic reaction.



Fertility Oil

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