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Maidens of the Wheel - Oracle

To Every Season, A Wisdom. To Every Time, A Purpose.

The Maidens of the Wheel have been known in many places and by many names throughout history. They dance through the cosmos, embodying inspiration and whispering guidance. They are here to empower and align you with sacred rhythms and lost traditions. Work with these elemental beings to discover harmony within the cycles of your life and embrace your true, unshakable center.

“When we are unaware of the energies and cycles at play, they can feel chaotic. By reorienting with them, they can become inspiring, empowering, grounding, and profoundly healing. The loving strength of Goddess Earth will open you to connection, realization, direction, and manifestation as never before.”—Tammy Wampler, artist and author.

Maidens of the Wheel - Oracle

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