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XL-Rose of Jericho-Resurrection Plant

 Extra Large size

The Mystical resurrection plant or Rose of Jericho has the peculiarity of curling into a tight ball during dry weather and it can revive in the presence of moisture even if its roots have been disrupted. For this and many other reasons, this plant has earned its place as a potent magickal ally.

Use to bring abundance and prosperity to your household,

Attract love and blessings into your life,

Use as protection against illnesses and negativity. 

To use your Rose of Jericho begin by charging the plant with your intentions, talk to the plant and awaken it, then get a glass bowl big enough to fit your plant, (your plant will expand twice as big when moistened).

Place your plant in the glass bowl, to the container add enough water to cover at least 1/3 of the plant.

At this point you can recite any chant, petition, prayer, Psalm, etc...

Let the plant revive!

Change the water weekly. You can use the Rose of Jericho water in floor washes to attract, blessings, abundance, healing and protection into your home.

Add Rose of Jericho water to sprits, and room sprays

Dab your fingers in the water prior to touching money to multiply it.

Add two tbsp of Rose of Jericho water and honey to your bath to attract love.

Here is a video for more ideas

XL-Rose of Jericho-Resurrection Plant

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