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Silver Infused Black Salt

I have waited so long to have this ready for you Witches!!! 

Yes, this salt is 100% infused with real silver!

Black salt is the number one go-to ally to get rid of evil energies, spirits, and entities,  but with this silver-infused version, interdimensional creatures can be eliminated too! 

Have you been terrorized at home, while you sleep, when you are alone, at night? 


Sprinkle the Silver Infused Black Salt around your home, in the four corners of your room, across your door thresholds and window sills, and keep all these nasty intruders at bay. 

Rub in black candles for protection, add in floor washes, mix with water and create a paste to draw sigils and pentacles as barriers and so much more!


Silver Infused Black Salt

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