7 things you must do if you want to be a Witch

Nowadays we are bombarded with information, we have information overload. Anybody can write a book, anybody can write in the internet, have a YouTube channel, a podcast etc..

With all these information comes the nuisance of "The wrong information."

For a few months now I have had people messaging me with the craziest questions and statements in regards being a Witch. With such absurd ideas and so confused that I don't only feel sad about it, but also very upset . The common denominator? The internet, particularly TikTok and YouTube.

The most frequent issue?

"Signs you are a Witch"


Prior to engage in the dilemma of signs that your a Witch, we must take a moment to find out the meaning of such word:

According to Ronald Hutton in his book The Witch, the standard scholarly definition of a the term Witch, is “Someone who causes harm to others by mythical means”

This definition is the conclusion of the 1978 leading expert in anthropology of religion, Rodney Needham. At the present moment in the year 2020 the standard definition haven’t change much.

This is the definition in the Webster dictionary:

“ one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers

especially : a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar”

No matter where you go in Google the definition is more or less the same.

A different perspective :

"The word Witch comes from the Old English wicce (wiche) which

is in turn derived from the root wikk- which applies to Magick and sorcery"

RoseMary Ellen Guiley Enciclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft

The late modern Witchcraft authority Raymond Buckland, proposed that the word Witch is linked to the word wisdom with the same root as to have wit and to know and it comes from the Anglo Saxon “wicce” meaning wise one, therefore a Witch is a wise person and Witchcraft is the craft of the Wise.

So as you see, in order to correctly answer the question about if you are a Witch or not, and in order to number “signs” of being a Witch, there has to be first a specific definition of what it is to be a witch. A knowledge and awareness.

To assume that a Witch is this one thing in specific with unique characteristics is unfair and inaccurate. This idea creates frustration and confusion since this makes you believe that if you don’t have these characteristic no matter how much you love the craft you have no business being a Witch.


Instead of giving you signs, Im going to tell you: What you must do in order to be a Witch, and I hope that with this seven prerequisites I can clarify that only YOU can decide and only YOU can chose!

In order to be a Witch

1. You have to be willing to research and study for the rest of your life. You need to challenge and cross reference everything. You must not do what others tell you

without questioning it.

2. You must be open minded. You must strive to grow spiritually and mentally.

3.You can not be weak because you have to be willing to face and overcome your fears since you will be working with the unknown, the occult, the spiritual world and you will become a beacon for other existences.

4. You must have clear that light and darkness exist in a beautiful balance.

5. You must be able to control you mundane impulses.

6. You must have very clear that you will never have absolute control of the Craft.