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Bottle Magick

What a better way of doing Magick than Magick in a jar. The simplicity and convenience of these spells is incredible, they are just not only completely available to anyone, but is a super powerhouse of enclosed intentions, for good or ill. I just got to love it!

The first jar or bottle Magick ever recorded dates backs to the time of the Egyptians. They would write incantations in papyrus and seal these incantations in small pots and bury them in a cemetery.

In the Islamic tradition they used to seal the djinn in a bottle.

In Australia the Aborigines would make small clay vessels called cous-cous, to protect secrets.

In the 1500 in the Elizabethan England they would use Bellarmine jugs or "gray beards" bottles to cast away evil, protect the home and get rid of hexes.

More recently in Folk Magick and Hoodoo, incantations are sealed in jars either to sweeten or sour situations.

Lets talk about the difference and purpose of these bottles.

Bottles to sweeten:

As the name states, these bottles are made to sweeten a situation, to make things auspicious, and to attract.

You can use this type of Magick to gain the love of your target, to sweeten your boss towards you, to keep love in your family, to make your self sweeten to others...etc The possibilities are endless!

You can keep these bottles in your altar, you can bury it inside a pot with a plant then give it as a gift to your target, you can bury it on your target's property or you can bury it under a tree or any flowering bush.

Originally it was just as simple as putting your intentions in a piece of parchment inside a sugar jar, but with time this Magick has evolved, and the sweet bottles made nowadays can be filled with additional elements that pertain to the intentions of the Witch.

Commonly used ingredients are:





Flower petals



Rose quartz




You can also make honey jars to attract prosperity. Some of the ingredients you can add to these bottles are:





Prosperity herbs

Money and coins



Gold and green mica

After adding all the elements to your bottle, you will charge it and you will light a candle with the appropriate color of your intentions. The idea is to seal the bottle with the wax. you can keep this bottle in your altar and light the candle as needed.

Bottles to sour:

These bottles are intended to create chaos and misfortune to someone. They are also used to break up any type of relationships.

The basic ingredient is vinegar, but you can also use, ammonia, war water, lemon juice...etc.

Is very important to have a direct link (taglock) of the target, like, name and last name, date of birth, photograph, hair, fingernails, dirty pieces of underwear, etc...

Nasty curses could have feces, rotten matter including animal parts.

Once you have all your elements inside the bottle you will charge it and seal it with wax in the color that pertains to the intentions. You then bury it on the target's property, in a cross road, in a cemetery etc...

Some people bury these bottles upside-down.

Witch's Bottle

Back in the 1500-1600 in the Elizabethan England, superstition reigned among the people. The idea that evil Witches, Sprites and Spirits were lurking around, hexing and cursing people was a real fear. Based on these fears, people came up with different magickal devices to protect themselves from these evil attacks. One of these devices was the Witch's Bottle.

Originally the Witch's Bottles were named Gray Beards or Bellarmine Bottles named after a particularly fearsome Catholic Inquisitor Robert Bellarmine. These bottles were made out of brown or gray clay, with the bearded face of Robert Bellarmine embossed on it, since it was believed that any Evil Witch or Spirit for sure will be scared away by the image of the infamous Catholic Inquisitor.

Inside they were filled with sharp objects and urine. There were hung inside chimneys, around doors, above thresholds etc..

In the particular case of someone being attacked by such entities, the inflicted person would have a bottle made in which was added their finger nails, hair and urine. This bottle was later buried to kill the sorcery, or the bottle was thrown in fire and burned until it exploded, this way breaking the magick.

In present times, Witch's bottles are still popular. The main ingredients are still sharp objects, menstrual blood and urine, but many additional elements are also added depending on the individual situation. These bottles are then charged, and buried on the person's property or placed inside the home in a inconspicuous dark place.

There you go Witches, a quick story on Bottle Magick.

Make sure to watch my video.

I have my bottle, do you have yours?



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Jessica Ramirez Cachimuel
Jessica Ramirez Cachimuel
29 de jul. de 2020

As a person who collects so many bottles...nice ones and common ones i love bottle magic❤ i have a prosperity bottle and essential oils I've mixed and and my little fairy charm bottles...and not to mention my "If you mess with me im gonna throw you in a bottle" bottles 😝. This was one of my favorite videos❤

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