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Devil's Snuff Ball

You ask and I deliver.

It is rightful to play nice, but sometimes it is better to be wicked.

Im going to share with you a very old concoction loaded with bad intentions and nasty ingredients to bring misfortune to an evil doer.

What you need:

  1. Black wax

  2. Moss (real)

  3. Spanish moss (real)

  4. Dirt (the nastier the better. Cemetery dirt is NOT necessary. You can use locations dirt if you want to bring upon your enemy something in specific, like the police, jail, court, bank for money calamities etc... Simple dirt will do just fine)

  5. Any type of fungus.

  6. Tobacco Snuff (powder)

There are no measurements. Use your intuition.


  • Melt the wax in a double boiler, add the dirt, moss, Spanish moss, fungus and tobacco snuff . Shape into a ball as the wax hardens.

  • Make sure to recite your incantations and charge this ball with your intentions.

  • This ball must be tossed into your targets property.

  • Be done.

⚠️ A word of warning.

Make sure to use gloves when making this concoction.

Make sure you are justified!

Stay Wicked



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Dunning Leeanne
Dunning Leeanne
2020년 6월 02일

Thank you, this will come in handy. Blessing White Raven

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