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Get rid of that person once and for all!

Some people can become so toxic and detrimental to our lives, and no matter how much we try to avoid them or no matter how many times we say it is over, they just won't go away!

Let me share with you a great and simple spell for when you encounter such nasty situations. It only takes a few ingredients and a whole lot of wicked intentions!

Let's go!


What you need:

1. Back candle.

2. Voodoo doll made with links and taglock of your target.

3. Black Onyx.

4. Black cord or electric tape.

5. Salt.

6. Cemetery dirt.

7. Box to be use as a coffin.

8. Patchouli.

9. Cauldron or fire proof container.

10. Charcoal disc.

⚠️ Please check my video on how to collect cemetery dirt!

What to do:

  1. Light the candle and charcoal

  2. Sprinkle the Patchouli in the charcoal

  3. Pass the poppet over the smoke starting with the head working towards the feet.

  4. Recite this chant

Bind Poppet with cord or black tape

5. Place poppet in coffin.

6. Sprinkle cemetery dirt.

7. Recite chant.

8. Add the onyx in the coffin.

9. Recite chant.

10. Sprinkle salt in coffin.

11 Recite chant

12. Finish covering the coffin with the cemetery dirt.

13. Seal the box.

14. Place the box in front of the candle.

15. Recite chant.

16. Leave the coffin in front of the candle and let the candle consume.

17. Burry the box far away from you.

Spell by Dorothy Morrison for her book Utterly Wicked


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Can I do this spell for my cousin and her daughter?? My cousin’s ex-husband and her daughter’s father is EXTREMELY narcissistic, abusive, manipulative, etc...and he is wreaking absolute havoc in their lives, even after 6 years! He treats their daughter like Cinderella, like the wicked step-mom, and his new wife and 3 other daughters they’ve had all treat her horribly. Can I use this spell to get him out of their lives? I feel like I have a bit of responsibility in this, as years ago, before her daughter was born, I was in a feud with my cousin. I was dealing with postpartum depression and ptsd, and she started lighting into me about how ungrateful I was being. I…

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