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State of mind when Hexing or Cursing

As a Witch I believe my witchcraft should always be balanced. Not all white, not all black. Balance is needed to avoid chaos. The words cursing or hexing, sound down straight evil, but is it really?

These are three states of mind I keep clear when I feel a curse or hex is needed.

  • Righteous Rage - An example of this is when someone hurt an innocent one.

  • Justified anger - Anything that has to do with wrong do to you on a personal or spiritual level.

  • Desire for justice - When dealing with evil doers, like pedophiles, thieves, rapists, abusers etc...

Ultimately they are all the same and I use them as my guidelines. I hope this gives you a clear perspective.

Blessed be Witches and Stay Wicked ;)



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1 Comment

Jul 11, 2020


The intentions must be clear and above all JUSTIFIED. Hexes and curses should not be taken lightly or used for mundane everyday problems.

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