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Ten signs of a curse and what to do to stay protected.

by WhiteRaven

The worst curse you can have is the one you put upon yourself by thinking you are cursed. So let's take this moment and discuss this topic with the hopes it will assist you.

Before we jump in, understand that as humans experiencing this life,, we all go through rough patches, life is not all pink color, so consider this before you think you are cursed.
Also,, do not be a spiritual hypochondriac. Stay away from the toxic habit of blaming anything terrible that happens to you on a curse.

  • Do I deserve to be cursed?

  • Is there a reason for someone to curse me?

  • Does the person that I think is cursing me has the resources, knowledge or right connections to curse me?

It is always advisable to ask the Tarot

or your preferred divination tool.

If you ask the Tarot, two things may happen. The Tarot message will make no sense, the massage will be gibberish. Or you will have a combination of negative cards in your spread.

These are common (but not limited) cards that will appear in your reading.

10 Warning Signs

1. Feeling off - Anxiety, Paranoia, depression, feeling watched

2. Weird things - Missing things, glass breaking, animals dying around you, insects infestation, gray and black water, overflow, weird noises...

3. Communication problems - At work, people in the street, with family and loved ones...

4. Run of bad luck, money issues - a bill out of nowhere, money owed to you not being paid, you bank account gets hacked, someone stills your social security...

5. Missing things - Car keys, wallet, important documents...

6. Minor illnesses - Migraine, Weakness, colds, ear aches, stomachaches, rashes

7. Sleep problems - Insomnia, sleep paralysis, nightmares, choking in your sleep, night sweats...

8. Electronic malfunctions - TV on and off by itself, lights flickering for no reason, Google and Alexa making strange noises, fuses blowing, weird pictures...

9. Smells - Rot, dirt, smoke, cemetery smell, dead flowers, any smell that you dislike...

10. Shadows, Aparitions - Shadow people, ghosts, entities...

There are three elemental things that you must do to stay protected!

1. Personal Protection - Shields, cleansing and protection baths, amuletes, talismans and charms...

2. Home protection- Floor washes, incense, powders, salts and dusts, house amulets, decoys like a Witch's bottle...

3. Spirit guardians - Have an altar dedicated to your guardians, ancestors, deities and take a day out of the week to attend them.

Have good communication with your spirits, remember they are the one protecting you from the other side!

As a last note I want to encourage you to do your own research. Nowadays anybody has accseess to hex and curses books and if you want to be ahead of the game, you must take the initiative to educate your self. Your wellbeing and magical protection is your responsibility, nobody else will do it for you.

Stay Wicked!


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