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The basics on commanding spells

Commanding spells are a lot easier that what we think. Other than our strong intentions, there are three basic elements that we need in order to have successful results.

1. A link:

A link is something that represents the target of your spell. The strongest the link the more effective the spell. A good link is for example is, a lock of hair, a photograph, nail clippings, bodily fluids, dirty clothes, for love spells, dirty undergarments etc...

Other less strong links are, their name and last name, a drawing of the person, things or gifts the person has given to you etc...

2. A Candle:

You need a candle in which to concentrate your energy and intentions.

The color of power is Purple, but you can use Red or Black. Ultimately if you have no color candles, White will do just fine. You can carve this candle with your petition, sigils etc...

As your candle burn, your intentions will be carried!

3. Commanding Oil:

The one and only commanding oil. A must! A combination of Calamus and Licorice root. A mix use for this purpose since the mighty Egyptian times!

This oil is use to anoint candles, papers, dollies, etc...

As a base I always use castor oil or mineral oil.

The only ingredients coming close to Calamus and Licorice root are Vetiver and Bergamot, but if you ask me, I'll tell you not to play around with the original ingredients. You want something? You must work for it!

So there you go Witches, as simple as that! The basics of a commanding spell.

I will leave to your imagination the rest.

Magick is intuitive

Stay Wicked!


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