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The Magick of Aloe Vera

Many of us have grown up with this plant in our backyard without knowing of its amazing magickal properties!

You see, Aloe Vera is not only incredible as a medicinal plant, but it is also a Witch's best friend! Here are some of the magickal uses and correspondences of this amazing succulent.

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Deity: Venus

Zodiac: Cancer, Libra , Pisces

Besides having countless healing attributes, when it comes to magick, Aloe Vera has multiple abilities. Linked to PROTECTION, BEAUTY, and LUCK, this plant's magickal properties will open endless possibilities for your spells!

Magickal Powers:






The Afterlife

To Bitter

Folk and Witchcraft:

As in some traditions, it is wise to plant Aloe Vera in graves to appease the dead. Aloe Vera is excellent when it comes to soothing spirits that may be restless or uneasy.

As a symbol of protection and prosperity

some traditions hang an Aloe Vera plant or leaf over the door in their homes.

You can use a red ribbon for this. You can also anoint your plant with specific oils depending on the intentions. If you wish you can add a horseshoe as well.

Charge it and be done.

For prosperity at home you can tie red ribbons around your Aloe Vera leaves. This must be done with care not to damage the plant. As you tie the ribbon make prosperity chants

" I call prosperity, I call abundance. I am prosperity, I am abundance, mine is prosperity, mine is abundance"

Make sure to take care of your plant, remember it has been charged with your intentions!

When replanting your Aloe Vera, loosely place a red ribbon around the roots, slightly below the leaves. Please make sure not to restrict the plant. Cast an imaginary triangle and mark the corners with three coins. Place your Aloe in the center of the triangle and cover with soil.

Place an Aloe Vera on your altar to absorb any evil, dark, negative energy. This is particularly a great idea if you do any divination sessions for people. You should always keep an Aloe plant in any magickal working space.

Make sure to mind your plant's appearance for any signs of withering, since this may indicate your plant has been under attack and is time to replace.

According to Judika Illes in her Encyclopedia of 5,000 spells, it is good luck to rub Aloe juice over your body before going hunting or fishing.

Aloe Vera's element is water, therefore it is of great use in baths or in any spells pertaining to emotions.

Back home in Puerto Rico, the elder would mix it with Witch Hazel to make beauty or protection baths as well as beauty magickal masks.

You can also dip all your amulets in Aloe Vera juice to charge them with protection or luck.

When working with voodoo dolls or poppets, you can use the Aloe Vera gel to anoint them. You can add to the gel herbs and oils related to your spell intention.

In Hispanic traditions Aloe Vera is use to


That is, since the Aloe Vera plant is so bitter to the taste, its magick is applied to yield the same results in your spells. Including but not limited to, breakups, stop gossiping, to bitter and hex a situation, family harmony, employment, luck, prosperity etc.. The Aloe will bitter all!

With pieces of an Aloe leaf you can create pockets in which you trap your target and your intentions. You do this by writing your petition on brown paper along with the first and last name of your target and a direct link. This is then placed inside the pocket. If you decide you can also put in this pocket additional elements, like herbs, oils, powders and in some extreme cases animal parts like a chicken gall ( hiel in Spanish ) . You will then sew the pocket closed or wrap it in cord. Depending on the ingredients and severity of the curse you will either, freeze the pocket, let it dry under the Sun, or burry it.

To the contrary, if what you want is to bind someone to you, the Aloe Vera can also assist you. This is based on the fact that the Aloe Vera gel strongly resembles sexual juices, therefore any pocket that you fill with the direct link of an individual will in turn make him of her "whipped" and absolutely devoted to you.

This pocket you will need to burry under a rose plant, or any plant that won't be disturbed.

And there you go Pretties, I bet you didn't know you could do so much with Aloe.

Do yourself a favor and go get one!

Stay Wicked,



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