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The Magick of Lodestones

Prosperity, Love and Luck. What a beautiful trio!

I want to share with you, yet another awesome element to attract any or all of these three states.


Use: to attract Luck, Money and Love

How to begin working with lodestones:

Lodestones are Alive! So treat them accordingly.

  • Baptize it - holy water or whisky.

  • Name it: name your stone with a name pertaining to the job she is doing, for example your name and the name of your lover ( for love spells you need to use two stones and each with the appropriate gender ) , Rockefeller for example if you are working it for money, Vegas for example if you need it for luck.

  • Feed it: food and drink. Once a week they should be fed with magnetic sand and few drops of alcohol like whisky. Simply water will oxidize them. (The only time you use water is to baptize them).

  • Bathe them: You can do this whenever you refresh your altar, from monthly to once a year. You must feed your stone immediately after bathing it.

Where to place your lodestones: your altar in a non magnetic plate.


Lodestones are magnets, so they will attract what surrounds them, so make sure they are surrounded by things pertaining to their job. Lodestones come in male and female, make sure you have the proper gender when performing love spells. They must be feed at the same time.

Lodestones are amazing in magick, is a must have and should be part of every witch apothecary. You can also buy them in gravel for mojo bags.

I hope this note gets you excited about working with Lodestones :)

With love,



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