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To Charge a Spell

A spell is just that until you Charge it.

It won't move, it won't travel, it won't work until is charge.

So what is exactly to charge a spell?

  • First focus on your intentions.

  • Build energy and power. (You do this through your intentions and feelings)

  • Transfer all that energy to your spell.

  • Release it into the Universe

  • See it through

Focus, Build, Transfer, Release and Visualize!

Some spells need to be recharge in which case you will repeat this process. This will take practice, so don't get frustrated. You can also raise energy while chanting your petition, listening to specific music (my choice), specific incense, etc... Find your way! This is part of the process of becoming powerful and successful. And remember, Magick is intuitive.

Stay Wicked!



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