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When spells go beyond intended

There is a moment in every Witch's life in which we come to the unexpected surprise that one of our spells have gone beyond of what was intended. The target of your magickal work gets a triple dosage of your punishment.

For many, not all, this will create a state of guilt, fear and regrets, I mean you dislike your coworker, but you didn't meant for her to have a car accident! You only hot -foot her, right?

Spells and curses are simple, but they need to be design with a lot of precision.

Why this happens?

To answer your question, Im going to share with you four of the most common reasons of such predicament.

Keep this in mind if you want to stay clear of regrettable decisions!

1- Pure ignorance:

You have no clue about how magick and spells work, but a friend of a friend of a friend is a witch (because she saw The Coven) and she can give you a spell. Obviously you request the nastiest one! Or more commonly yet, you are internet savvy and get Google engines working on your request automatically providing a whole repertoire of hexes and curses, extremely real and extremely nasty, and you choose the darkest one of course and to give it an oomph, just in case, you add some additional ingredients. After all, your coworker is way too bossy and she definitely needs a lesson...

2-The spell/hex is done in the heat of the moment:

This is unfortunately very common, specially among Witches that should know better. I am going to include my self here, since I'm not free of making this mistake. After all having someone flipping the middle finger at you at the stop light, or having your child called hateful names in front of others, can really work you up.

Anger is such a force of nature! It blinds you with rage, it blocks your reasoning and drives you to do powerful things and knowingly you send out a curse with all of your wrath to find out after, that it not only worked, but it did way worst.

It did as bad as the power of your fury.

3-The use of a very damaging spell/curse for a simple matter:

I see this everyday. You want your roommate to move out and you go straight into banishing him!

You want someone to stop talking about you and you go straight into binding her or even worst, you go straight into freezing her in terrible concoctions!

STOP! Big guns are used for big problems.

4-The target had it coming:

Lastly, this may not be entirely your fault. So, relax Witch. There are evil doers out there. Your spell simply filled the Karma cup for this individual.


⚠️ Once you send a curse and has taken effect, it is very hard to take it back, I dare to say that is impossible even though some Witches will disagree with me. You have raised energy and you have charged it against another human, you can not take that energy back!

Below are some guidelines to keep in mind before casting a spell in order to avoid disaster:

1-Have a cool head:

A great rule of thumb is to sleep it off . Wait a day! By all means send a spell if that's what you deemed fair, but make sure you are in complete control of you thoughts and your feelings.

2-Be specific and precise when charging your magickal work:

It is essential that you charge you spell with detailed instructions. Don't assume the Universe will guess what you want. Instead of sending a curse to have,

"Joann's car tires flat" (potentially having these tires pop in the middle of the freeway at 65 mph) you must be more specific. Instead,

" Make Joanne car tires be all flat in the morning before she goes to work "

You follow?

3-Be knowledgeable of all the elements of your spell:

The more the better right? NOT always!

Most spells, curses and hexes have specific ingredients. These ingredients have a determined use and purpose. Be done with what your spells requires. Do not add additional ingredients for an extra oomph! Spells are done the way they are for specific reasons and they have work successfully for centuries!

Embellishing your spell or hexes with additional elements will yield uncontrollable results.

You must know the specifics of all your ingredients!

4-Use a divination tool to verify:

This is so important! Use your tarot cards, oracle, runes, etc.. to foresee the outcome of your spell and most importantly to ensure you are doing the right thing.

Last, but not least!

5-Do not asume.

Do not "guesstimate" who your target is! Don't blame Joanne for your issue, just based on the fact that she doesn't like you. If you do not know the name or identity of the person responsible for your dilemma, make sure you direct your magickal work to:

"The person doing (so and so) to me" for example.

I 'm sure I don't have to tell you how detrimental it will be for you to send a hex to someone that is innocent.

Please be very clear when addressing your spell.


Witches, there will be times in which you will need to use all your wrath and fury when making a spell. There will be even times in which you will need additional elements in your spells to add extra power, and so, it is wise to employ such things for what is deserving of such retribution.

Remember you have to be justifiable. Anything beyond of whats is fair will find its way back to you!

Stay Wicked



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