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Balsamo Tranquilo - Calming Balm

Balsamo Tranquilo, or Calming balm, is a leading oil in Hispanic Brujeria with a recipe dating to the 1700s. This oil will be a great ally when soothing situations and people. Calm straying lovers and pacify couple's quarrels. Use it to dominate people and any type of situation. Calm jealousy, arguments, misunderstandings, fights, unruly and disobedient children, a mean boss, an evil co-worker, a nasty neighbor. You can also use this oil to calm your nerves and help you relax. Keep harmony in your home and surroundings. You can do so many things with this powerhouse that is Balsamo Tranquilo - Calming Balm.

This recipe is authentic, with all-natural ingredients. 

Balsamo Tranquilo - Calming Balm

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