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Bend Over Oil

Show your enemies who is boss with this manipulation oil. 

Humiliate the evildoers, the arrogant, the abusers. Perfect for vengeance, revenge and getting even spells. Make your enemies beg you, have them in the palm of your hands, subdue them, BEND THEM OVER!

Apply Bend Over Oil to doorknobs, car door handles, or anything that the person will touch while chanting your command. 

Add Bend Over Oil to poppets or Voodoo dolls.

Write nine times the name of your enemy on a brown piece of paper.  Soak the paper in Bend Over Oil while chanting your command. Place the paper inside a glass jar. Close the lid and keep it safe in a dark place. Shake the jar once a week until the person is subdued.

Write the name of your enemy nine times on a brown piece of paper and add Bend Over Oil while chanting your commands. Fold the paper 3 times and place it inside your left shoe. Put both shoes on and stomp commanding your enemy to bend over.

Bend Over Oil

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