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Jinx Remover Oil

This little nasty concoction is ready to banish and destroy all types of Jinxes thrown at you. 

Do you work with envious people?

Do you think someone has put the evil eye on you? 

Have you picked up a cross condition? 

Are little inconveniences plaguing your day? 

Jinx remover will assist you getting rid of these nasty annoyances.

Do not leave home without it. Apply a few drops on the palm of your hand whenever you feel you have been in contact with an envious person. 

Put a few drops in your wallet to halt bad luck from touching your money.

Add a small drop in a tealight candle when coming home from the street. 

Add a few drops to your bath as daily maintenance.

Jinx Removal is the oil you want to keep around just in case. Better be safe than sorry.  




Jinx Remover Oil

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