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Sulfur Powder


This pungent smelled mineral also known as brimstone, has been used for centuries for hexing, crossing and uncrossing, banishing, breaking hexes, protection and more!  


Folk names: Sulphur, sulfer


Energy: projective


Planet: Sun


Element: Fire


Powers: Protection, healing


Magical/ritual lore:

Sulfur is a yellow mineral. When burned, it emits a powerful, familiar smell. This odor, and it’s coloring, has caused people to use it in magic for centuries. 

During the height of ceremonial magic, sulfur was often burned to drive off “demons” and “devils”. This was related to the concept that positive forces were attracted by sweet scents, while negative forces abhorred four odors and would flee from them.

Later, sulfur was burned as a magical fumigant to protect animals and dwellings from “fascination” or magical enslavement. 

 Pieces of sulfur are also placed on the altar during protective rituals or in the home as a general magic “ward”.

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)


Sulfur Powder

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