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Dream protection

How was you night Witch?

Slept much?

Non of us are exempt of dream visitors and many of these visitors do not come with the best intentions. Some of these nightly uninvited guests could actually be terrorizing, disturbing and down straight evil, but not to worry,

if there's a will there is a way.

I'm going to share with you a list of my favorite magickal herbs that will successfully assist you with protection and safety while in dream land.

  • Angelica to ward off evil

  • Anise protection against evil influences and nightmares

  • Black Mustard Seed shield, protection, confuse an entity

  • Calamus empowering and protection

  • Cedar protection while your sleep, strengthening of psychic powers

  • Hyacinth no nightmares

  • Lavender protection shielding

  • Mandrake protection, guards against all harm seen or unseen

  • Mistletoe prevent nightmares and promotes restful sleep

  • Morning Glory guard against nightmares

  • Mullein protection agains nightmares, evil, negative forces

  • Mugwort astral and dream protection

  • Peony warding off incubus

  • Rosemary protection from all harms while sleeping

  • Rue used by the Romans to guard against werewolves ( I will add to this all kind of nightly folkloric evil spirits)

  • St Johns Wort used by the Greeks to cure mental illnesses, this herb will keep you collected and in control when and if, encountering a night terror in your dreams.

  • Tobacco use for washes after having a nightmare to protect yourself against any physical reaction (like an illness) from your dream.

  • Vervain to prevent nightmares

  • Wormwood to keep your psychic powers intact while asleep

  • Wood Betony to keep away nasty visions

  • Yarrow for protection and courage

You can use any combination of these magickal plants in any of their forms to make sachets, adornments, potpourri, incense, oils, washes, sprits, etc... or any preferable magickal token, in order to keep your dreams rid of unwanted dream terrors.

⚠️ WARNING! Some of these plants are toxic, so use care when handling and be mindful with their placement.

Stay Wicked!



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1 Comment

marci M.
marci M.
May 29, 2020

Thank you for this. I havent been sleeping at nights with no reason, but have been feeling like uncomfortable feelings around my home. I will try these. Thank you so much again! You are a blessing!🌹

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