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How to dispose of spells remnants

With the task of making spells, comes the responsibility and sometimes dilema of how and where to dispose of the remnants. I understand that sometimes it could be very confusing figuring out how to get rid of magickal trash, but in reality is rather simple, there are just couple of things to take into consideration in order to make the right decision.

Let me share with you, how I dispose of my magickal remnants.

What kind of magick was done in these spells?

Light, love, prosperity, health, or any benevolent magick:

Many of these spells I like to keep close by to recharge. Love magick, prosperity and health, I keep around for a very, VERY, long time.

Dolls that are made for protection I also keep secure in boxes.

Mirror boxes are my favorites.

This mirror box contains one of my dolls, is discrete and very pretty. It has my taglock so I keep it very close to me.

If I want something to grow and be protected at the same time, like love, luck, prosperity, health, etc... I would bury it under a tree or a plant.

If is love, I would use a bush of roses, if is prosperity in an aloe vera plant, but this is personal. You can choose anything you prefer and is accesible where you live.

If is magick that already gave you the wanted results, like the cure of a specific ailment, or your loved one came back to you, or you got the loan you need it, I will give it back to Mother Nature with an offering. Any jar can be open and the magick released , if is a doll, disassemble it, release the magick and give it to the Earth. If is not dangerous to little animals, I will scatter the remnants somewhere in the woods, running water like a river or a clean stream, in the Ocean if is possible, even in my back yard... Wax or candles can be scatter in any place you deemed proper. I will always leave an offering with this. My offering consist of milk and honey. And please make sure you remove any element that could be dangerous to little animals.

What if is dark magick and Curses?

Freezer spells:

Most of my freezer spell will be thrown down the toilet when possible, otherwise, I will dispose of them in nasty garbage places away from me.

As a matter of fact ALL curses and its remnants must be dispose of far away from you.

Depending on your intentions and the purpose of the magick, you can use stagnant water, septic tank (if possible) a sewer, swamp, etc..

Bury, bury, BURY! And NEVER open any jar or voodoo doll.

Go to a cemetery or a cross road if possible.

Candles and wax throw away in trash. Some people throw them in their home's garbage. I do not do this. Any curse remnant is disposed of far away from me, and this will include any thread, cord r fabric left of a voodoo doll.

This is pretty clear and straight.

When in doubt, bury far away from you.

Last, but not least:

To the contrary of the practice of many Witches, I do not burn any of my remnants unless the ritual requires it. Is personal preference. It doesn't resonates with me and I have not seen it done in any ceremony I have experienced, nor have a read of this being a regular thing to do.

I hope this helps a bit.

Stay wicked!



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