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Mother, Maiden, and Crone Figurines

Embrace the sacred feminine with this captivating set of hand-crafted Maiden, Mother, and Crone figurines mad of Poly Resin. Each statue, standing at a petite yet impactful 4 inches tall, is imbued with symbolism and beauty.
They represent the journey of every woman, from the blossoming beginnings of youth to the wise and knowing Crone. They are a celebration of femininity in all its forms, a recognition of the strength and resilience of the female spirit.
*Please be advised that minor scratches and paint imperfections may occur on poly resin statues. These products are meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted, which adds to their unique charm and character. While we strive for the highest quality in every piece, slight variations in finish and texture are an inherent part of the artisanal process.* Made of Poly Resin.

Mother, Maiden, and Crone Figurines

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