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Peridot Gemstone Sand for abundance (180g)
Introducing our Peridot Gemstone Sand, weighing 180g, for the manifestation of abundance in your life. This green-hued gemstone is known for its powerful protective properties, as well as its ability to attract wealth, abundance, and good health. Use this gemstone sand in various witchcraft practices such as incense sand, offerings, inside charms and jewelry, clay poppets, prosperity bowls, candle magic, sachets, and bottle magic to harness its potent energies for your prosperity spells. Peridot gemstone sand can also be placed under your pillow for improved sleep and dream recall, making it a versatile tool for enhancing both physical and spiritual well-being. Whether you're seeking financial prosperity, protection, or overall abundance, our Peridot Gemstone Sand is a crucial addition to any witch's toolkit. Experience the powerful energy of this stone as you work towards transforming your life.

Peridot Gemstone Sand for abundance (180g)

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